ADDA is organising a 2-week online hackathon open to innovators from all corners of the globe to deep-dive into ADDA’s open-source data platform and transform raw data into new digital solutions for the city of Abu Dhabi! 

Turning open data into digital solutions

Abu Dhabi is a booming technological city that’s been collecting raw data from all its corners. Now, with the help of Addathon, they are inviting tech virtuosos to reveal the untapped potential of the data at hand.

Solutions can focus on a range of topics from lifestyle and economy to ecology and city structure, so long as it’s a powerful digital tool that will benefit both the city and its inhabitants!

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We have the data,
you bring the solution.

Thanks to ADDA’s platform, you can access datasets open across all 12 sectors, with no restrictions whatsoever. Using this data, we want you to pinpoint the areas where we can improve, adjust, and innovate the city of Abu Dhabi; with the overall goal being to improve the city’s cycle of life: education, agriculture, transport, and more. 

Our stride is that these open source datasets be turned into useful output. Whether it’s an application, a system, a dashboard, or even a document. 

Participants have a 2-week deadline to make a prototype and a demo of their solution, but this is only once the program starts. That being said, participants who already have their idea can start preparing now!

Registrations Closed

ADDA'S Open Source Database

Abu Dhabi Digital Authority is leading the digital future of Abu Dhabi by supporting its government partners to deliver services and build ecosystems that enrich the quality of life and multiply opportunities for business and personal growth.

Thanks to ADDA’s city database, you’ll find all kinds of data concerning the economy, agriculture, tourism, and more. 

This colossal database will allow you to access detailed information, such as the number of private school students to the monthly hotel occupancy rate, and even the monthly average rainfall in the city.  

Prize Pool

The winning teams will receive: 

1st Prize


2nd Prize 


3rd Prize 



Online Opening Ceremony

6th December

Learn more about the challenge, connect with the mentors and start working on your solution

Submission deadline

15th December

You have until the 15th of December, 23:59 (UAE time) to submit your solution on the challenge platform

Finalists selection 

16-17th December

A selection of the final teams will be made by the jury

Final Demo Day

20th December

The finalist teams present their solution to the jury and compete for the $30,000 prize pool

Who can join?

We’re looking for the brightest innovators, startups, and businesses to come forward to present sleek city solutions.  So whether you're an individual talent, or already part of a group - We invite you all! Sign up to the platform to find groups to join, the latest projects, as well as ressources, tips, and tricks from the mentors!


Data Scientists



ADDA's Open Source Database

The mentors will be there to provide you with feedback, constructive comments, and will help you make the most out of the data at hand. 

Hanaa Abushawish


Data Strategy

Abu Dhabi Digital Authority

Jorge Merritt

Senior Specialist

Data & AI Lab

Abu Dhabi Digital Authority

Mohamed Al Madhini


Technology & Policy

Abu Dhabi Digital Authority

Khaled El Shabrawy

Industry Advisor

Government and Smart City Lead


Nathan Eden

Head of Innovation

Khalifa University

Dr. Ahmed Al Dhanhani

Senior Researcher

Khalifa University

Badshah Mukherjee

Principal Business Solutions Manager



Dr. Chawki Tawbi


Data and AI Technical


Hamza Aagli

Engagement Manager

Lead AI and Data Scientist


Prof. Nazar Zaki


Machine learning and Data Science

UAE University

Dr. Ibrahim Almakky

Research Associate

Computer Vision

MBZ University of Artificial Intelligence

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